Vocalist Janne Keskitalo comments on 'Delete': “We are very excited of our first single release from our forthcoming album. We have worked long and hard on the songs and have poured every drop of us to the music. It sounds harsh, powerful yet atmospheric and we are very proud of what we have made. “Delete” is not an usual, nice and easy to approach – single. It is raw, noisy and full of chaotic energy. It is a story how we try to reach our grandeur in a world based on treachery and how we become just a worthless hole as a part of that world. When we see the insignificance of all then the only purpose is to be deleted.”

Vocalist Janne Keskitalo comments on 'Plastic World': ”Building Plastic World was an intense and unique process. I remember the night when guys called me drunk as fuck and asked me to record vocals deep enough to make them orgasm. The soundscape of the song changes through the song and while you can bang your head to the beat, the song will make you also stop with it’s atmosphere. I have always liked the movie-like depth, which you can also see in the song’s lyrics. Is it a battle between a rebellious youth and an old business man? Or is it just a flawed human talking by himself on the travesty of mankind? You decide.”